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Why we need a recall…

Our kids deserve better!


         Kids        Trust    ~    Respect



It is all about the kids.  This isn’t a debate about whether or not Ted Gardella should have been fired. It is about who is running the District and how they make decisions.


Everything rises and falls on leadership.  If we can’t trust the leadership of the District to make good decisions, we need new leadership.


The School Board has shown reckless, emotional, and impulsive decision making.  How can we be confident our schools are safe when decisions are not being made based on facts, planning and common sense?

So what did the Board do?

  1. Held an “emergency” meeting on a Friday at noon during Balloonfest with less than 24-hours notice.
  2. Make a decision that cost the District $180,000 with no public comment or no real reason- at the same time we are laying off teachers and counselors.
  3. Didn’t allow public input on the decision, even after parents in the audience asked for a chance to comment.

Kids. Trust. Safety.  It is time for change in Howell Public Schools!

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Recall language has been submitted for Pratt, Literski and Drick.  We are only pursuing the recall of 3 members because if a majority of the board is recalled, their replacements are appointed by an outside entity.  You deserve a say in who replaces those members!  This recall isn’t about whether or not the Board should have fired Ted Gardella. It is about them calling an “emergency” meeting at a noon on Friday, not listening to public comment before voting, and not including their intentions on the agenda.

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 Timeline Links

June 24, 2009    

Board members accused of hatching a plan to oust Superintendent Gardella.


June 25, 2009   

Bob Parker confirms claim that board members planning to fire Gardella.


June 26, 2009  

Last-minute Board meeting called for noon on a Friday

Published Agenda for the June 26th Meeting


June 26, 2009 

Board votes to fire Superintendent Gardella


June 28, 2009 

Public outcry over firing


June 29, 2009 

Continued public outcry over firing and lack of public input


Audio of Board Meeting


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